Bulletin Board

At this time the LGRSC board is closing the LGRSC club for two weeks due to the virus.  They will reassess in two weeks.

LGRSC board meetings are held on the second Sunday  of every month at 6:30 PM

.22 Shoots Tuesday and Thursday nights, check our calendar.  Going on now!

Tuesday night Trap Shoots at 4:15 PM starting in April.  Check our calendar.  Bring ammo and your gun.

We can do singles, doubles and wobbles are available.

Both the .22 Long gun shoots and Trap Shoots are open to the public.

LGRSC has a Ladies shooting group, email Lynne at lgls.maintenance@gmail.com for information and dates.

Hunter Safety classes coming soon.  Check out our calendar for dates, times, and information on the classes.

CPL classes as well as Handgun I, II, and III are provided by Keene Training and Consulting.  Classes given throughout the year.  Check our calendar.

We also rent out our clubhouse for  birthdays, showers, or parties.

If you have NEWS for the newsletter or are NOT receiving it, please e-mail lkglsports@gmail.com